Watch and share the video above of three of the worlds leading IT security experts talking about MANDATORY national internet filtering/censorship in Australia.

1. Dan Kaminsky [..of 2008 DNS infrastructure bug and BlackHat briefings fame] Director of Penetration Testing, Ioactive
2. Pete Lindstrom [..ex US Marine Corp, Fortune 500 corporate security consultant, advisory board of Information Security Magazine] Director of Research, Spire Security
Marcus Ranum [..built the first email server for the domain, forged innovations in firewall architectures, celebrated author, speaker and maverick on computer security] Chief Security Officer, Tenable Network Security

Step 1: Learn a Common Sense Approach to Internet Safety.

To help children and parents surf the internet more safely and confidently, watch and share the below video "A Common Sense approach to Internet Safety" for basic hints and tips for all ages.

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Step 3: Go to Step 1.

This is the first test run of nationwide mandatory censorship in a western democracy. It cannot be allowed to succeed or to infect other countries. There is a war being waged once more against the open nature and collaborative power of the internet. The internet is a giant mirror held up to humankind. We should fix the root causes of our issues, rather than sweep the bits under the carpet and cripple the medium.

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